Q. Does Fly A Sim offer flight training?

A. We offer guidance and orientation before and during your simulator Aviation Discovery Flight. We will provide information on flight training schools if you request.

Q. Is any flying experience necessary for the Fly A Sim events?

A. No flying experience is needed.

Q. How long is the Fly A Sim Flight Ticket valid for?

A. Fly A Sim flight certificates are valid for six months from the issue date.

Q. What type of Flight Simulator experience does Fly A Sim offer?

A.  We currently offer three; The Aviator, The Captain and The Commander.

Q.  How do I purchase the Fly A Sim Flight Tickets?

A. You can purchase your Flight Tickets by telephone. We can  send your Flight Tickets to you by Email.

Q. How do I schedule my Aviation Discovery Flight?

A. All scheduling is done in advance by telephone or email.

Q. Where are Fly A Sim flights available?

A. In Dallas-Fort Worth,Texas.

Q. What is the Fly A Sim refund policy?

 A. Fly A Sim does not refund purchased Flight Tickets.  However Flight Tickets are fully transferable and the value may be applied to other Fly A Sim events.

Q. Will we receive any Fly A Sim souvenirs or gifts?

A. You will receive a free Certificate of Completion with pictures from your Fly A Sim experience that is suitable for framing.

Q. Are there any current security issues?

A. Current security requirements mandate that customers provide  a Passport, or Birth Certificate and Driver’s License. More information is available upon request.

Fly A Sim reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions without notification. And to deny sales or refund purchases, if there are concerns that the Fly A Sim event may not be safe or suitable for an individual.